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Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for the content of any of the following linked sites. All content contained on these websites lies under the responsibility of the concerning webmasters.

XWA Community Links

The X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project
- A great project recreating the flair of X-Wing Alliance by creating highly detailed models that fit today's standards. Also, this is one of the central places of the X-Wing Community bearing one of the most active forums. Your first adress to go!

The X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project

Darksaber's X-wing Station
- The Creator of the Ultimate Craft Pack! Home to a huge variety of great high quality OPTs, tutorials and practically every XWA-related program there is. A real must-go for every XWA-Fan!

Darksaber's X-Wing Station

Michal's Czech X-Wing Series Site
- A great source for the latest news and tons of information on the history of the entire X-Wing series. Very cool site! Go check it out!

The Czech X-Wing Series Site

SW Crusade 3 Tournament
- This XWA site combines the action of a space sim with the tactical aspect of a strategy game. Many challenging battles have been held within this world wide campaign. Also hosting Darksaber's UCP it also contains a huge Craft libary with tons of information about over 200 OPTs.

SW Crusade

MTD Industries
- DTM is one of the most talented, active and innovative OPTers of recent. As author of the Clone Wars Project and numerous related campaigns and shipsets he creates high quality OPTs galore and regularly takes OPTing standards to another level. A must-go for every fan of high quality OPT work!

MTD Industries

Andy's OPT Downlaod Page
Andi Kroell is the creator of the great Battle Star Galactica OPT as well as some other great models. Just recently he's released an updated version of the Cylon Tanker. Be sure to pay him a visit!

The NJO Project

Red Leader's X-Wing Alliance Site
- Allways great to know people still make missions for XWA. On this website Red Leader from now one releases his XWA mission goodness. Check it outt!

Red Leader's X-Wing Alliancce Site

Defiant's Flying Temple
- Defiant - creator of the XIS, OPT Exporter, lead developer of the famous FreeWing game ... do I need to say more?

Defiant's Flying Temple
- your number-1 news resource delivering EVERYTHING in any way SW related.