2012-01-31: TIE Reaper Released!

Time for me to tie up some loose ends!

TIE Reaper - Download now!

By far my oldest WIP to be completed! By now the Exterior has found its way into several PC game mods (e.g. for Freelancer) but finally here is the real thing!

The TIE Reaper is a heavy Assault Fighter developed around 12 ABY. Heavily armed and with strong shields itís fit to both dish out large amounts of damage while being able to shrug off a lot of damage punishment and accomplish its goals even under heavy fire.

Click the picture to download or check out the profile for more background info and images.

You can discuss this release here

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2012-01-22: GT-5000 Series Released!

Taken my sweet time with this one - for good reasons!

GT-5000 Series - Download now!

Not just one new ships but three in a row!

The GT-Series is ShiCon Dynamicsí entry into the medium transport class, a new line of state-of-the-art combat transports bridging the gap between yachts and corvettes. With about 60 meters in length this combat vehicle adapts the features, the speed and and combatability of the successful BRX-Yacht series while allowing for much larger space and cargo capacities.

The GT-5000 Transport comes in 3 variations:

  • The GT-5000 Stock version
  • The GTS Nighthawk, very fast stealth ship
  • The GTX Corsair, designed on offensive combat

Each variant has its individual models, including Exterior and Cockpit. For the stock GT-5000 this goes as far as having the entire ship interior and letting you choose, where you want to be sitting.

Click the picture to download or check out the profile for more background info and images.

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2012-01-05: SUPER STAR DESTROYER Released!

Seriously now?!


Super Star Destroyer - Download now!

After 5 years in the making - awaited for over 10 years, it is finally done: The biggest and baddest capital ship ever XWA-UPed! Almost 15.000 faces, and pretty much any other virtual limit in XWA has been ruthlessly maxed out - or simply ignored - for this baby. Model and textures were originally made by talented 3d artist Enterprise E and have undergone heavy revisions and expansions by Dragon and myself. At that point, I'd like to officially welcome Dragon as the XWA Upgrade's newest team member! Well done, mate!

Click the picture to download or check out the profile for more images. You can also discuss this new opt over at the XWA Upgrade Website

Only thing left to say:

* * * HAPPY NEW YEAR ! * * *

New OPTs by DTM

No newspost without him. DTM has recently released more of his masterful work: The great Astro-class Sub-Cruiser and the enormous Tycon class Imperial Battlestation.

Head over to MTD Industries and get your fix of DTM goodness!

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2011-11-19: Toscan Fighter v2 Released!

Five years in the making and here we finally go!

Toscan Fighter v2 - Download now!

The Toscan Fighter had been my initiation work for the XWA Upgrade Project, but I never was truly happy about it with the cockpit being out of scale and the textures were somewhat messy seen with my today's eyes, not to mention the ship lacked an exterior and cockpit version. The project deserved better and here it is at long last.

Click the picture to download or check out the profile for more images. You can also discuss this new opt over at the XWA Upgrade Website

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2011-03-25: BIG New Release!

Whee, first news post for this year but hell, it's worth it!

Traquia-class Supreme Battleship - Download now!

Here it is at long last! The Traquia is the biggest and baddest SoB that the ESS navy has to offer. With almost 14km length it is the undisputed champion across the ESS and rival territory. Considering crossovers I could imagine it well taking on Executor-class dreadnoughts. But enough gloating. It took me 6 years to finish this thing so I may be a little happy as well. :)

Click the picture to download or check out the Traquia's profile for more info and screenshots!

That's about it for now. I've archived the 2010 news but hope to stay active somehow and come up with new stuff soon.

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2010-12-24: Merry Christmas + New Release!

Aw man, it's been ages since my last news post, and even longer since my last release. All the more reason to give ya folks a little Christmas present!

Vanguard-class Frigate - Download now!

Ok, this one first started off under the Name "Katana Frigate", however, I always was unhappy with that name. And with DTM eventually releaseing a (very awesomely designed) Katana-class Battleship (check it out HERE!) I finally decided to go for a different name. THus originated the Vanguard-class Frigate.

With all the stuff on my desk at the time I actually had this one lying around finished for half a year, only waiting to be released. D'uh! So, anyway here it is!

Click the picture to download or check out the profile for more info and screenshots!

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2010-05-22: New OPT: Normandy SR2 Released!

OMG, it's the first release for this year - and it took me two days!

Normandy SR2 - Download now!

OK, now I hadn't expected this to go that quickly. The model took me about a month of 'occassional working'. Textureing and OPTing took 2 days. I don't think I've ever had such a flow. Of course, having clear references to work with makes things much easier.

Anyway, here it is, the Normandy SR2 in all its glory.

With this bit done, I will try to get some of the other almost-finished WIPs done and somehow get the way clear for that damn Super Star Destroyer XD

Click the picture to download or check out the profile for more info and screenshots!

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2009-08-31: New Release: Praetorian Dreadnought

The OPT machine hath returned - booya!

Praetorian-class Dreadnought - Download now!

At some point I figured I was at a lack of flag-worthy non Dhilani capital ships. Even if the boundaries between good and evil may shift through the game, I yet wanted to have certain sides show of their own distinctive ships. Since I didn't want players to keep fightin the same ships they have on their own side, I came up with the design of the Praetorian as a sort-of baddie flagship.

The bulky Praetorian is an old but yet powerful Dreadnaught. While timy compared to contemporary battleships, this ship was a persistent and reliable combat vessel in the old times,

The Praetorian comes with a set of flghtgroup colors, which, apart form the blank version include the Torlacian and Chedalonian insignia as well as the Red Star of the Corlini syndicte.

Click on the picture to download the Praetorian or check out some more info and screenshots at its profile

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2009-08-16: New Release: Battlecruiser Sovereign

Yay, I finished an important part of my in-progress Executor today. And along with that, I even have a new toy for you guys.

Sovereign-class Battlecruiser - Download now!

Introduced in our Battlethreads over at the XWA Upgrade Forums the Sovereign is the latest pride of the ESS navy.

The sovereign is the first of a new class of heavy ESS battlecruisers. Derrived from the successful Dominance-class the Sovereign has shifted its focus from holding capacity to combatability, moving closer to the role of a battleship, rather than a fleet carrier.

The huge ventral docking complex, which made up a large portion of its predecessorís bow section, has been removed and replaced by a solid and fully armored bow like other battlecruisers and dreadnaughts of this design, leaving only a couple of smaller launch bays along the bow's center line. Along with the increased armor and weaponry the installation of a pair of fusion cannons provides a considerable boost in firepower.

Click the picture to download or check out some more screenshots

But Ha! I'm not done with you yet!

Re-Release: Black Scorpion 1&2 v1.3!

Black Scorpion v1.3 - Download now!

From the various re-releases this is the one I've been looking forward to the most.

I received some feedback that, with the numerous large windows the Scorpion looks rather like a fighter than a yacht - and thus far smaller than it actually is. With the new version I have removed the large panoramic window and instead added some ore hull plating to the outside plus more consoles to the inside.

It's been done for the Black Scorpion 1 for quite a while now, now, with a bit more free time, I have also adapted it to the Black Scorpion 2. Here I also updated the cockpit textures getting rid of that strane blueish tone. The screens are still red XD

Click the picture to download or check out the ship profile

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2009-07-20: Re-Release: OPT revisions galore!

Hey guys, it's been quiet around here for quite a while. But just so you know, I haven't retired from OPTing just yet.

This may be not much but it's something I've been shelving for over a year now. I've started revising several of my older models, as I did with e.g. the Victory Mk2 in late 2008. The goal was to clean up the models, make some minor improvements to the textures and, where applicable, add stuff like flightgroup colors. So here's the first wave of updates:

So, what else has happened?

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2009-01-03: New Release: The Seraphim!

Winter break's over. Let's get busy again.

Seraphim-class Destroyer - Download now!

The Seraphim basically came up on one of those 'Hey, let's start building something and see what comes out'-days which I have occasionally. To be honest, I'm pretty happy with this design. This 830m long destroyer packs a devastating punch and can easily take on ships 1.5x its size.

Download this OPT by clicking the picture or check out more info and some sweet eyecandy HERE!!

You can discuss this new release HERE

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2008-11-01: Re-Release: XT-100 Viper v2.0

An old bird renewed!

XT-100 Viper v2.0 - Download now!

Since the first one only had a base model yet you will be starting the TBP campaign flying one, I decided very early to add a cockpit and exterior version to the Viper. So, while being cut off from the internet and spending time tweaking around on the Executor I also found some time to greatly further my efforts on this one. So here it finally is, complete with cockpit and Exterior model.

The design idea: When looking at the development from the XT-250 Victory towards the XT-300 Piranha, design and technology evolved from lots of buttons and many separate screens to fewer buttons and large multifunctional touch-screens. Thus when reverting technological advances to the XT-100 Viper, I'd greatly increase the number of buttons, switches while making the screens smaller and fewer in number - less to see, more to press :D.

You can download this OPT by clicking the picture or have a look at the ship profile for more info and screens.

You can also discuss this new release here.

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2008-09-06: New Release: CSX-600 Corvette

Finally the last touches were done and it's ready for release!

CSX-600 Corvette - Download now!

OK, this is, as far as I know, the very first capital ship in XWA modding history that comes with an actual cockpit opt. OK, its shiptype isn't exactly capship, for a more sensible weapons configuration I set it to freighter, but anyway....

This sleek corvette is ShiCon Dynamics' first step into the construction of Capital ships. A fast and agile transport ship, mainly for the purpose of transport of higher class personnel and VIPs. Due to its flexibility and great agility the CSX-600 is suitable for many kinds of purpose, ranging from passenger lining to VIP transit and spec ops combat missions, each supported by a high customizability. The small rear hangar additionally enables the ship to carry an additional starfighter or land vehicle for reinforcements.

The CSX-600 comes in two versions, one, generic grey one, which also features various FG colors, the other as an all dark stealth version, each with its individual cockpit OPT. Due to their general role in the project - and an apparrent lack of free slots, the two ships will by default replace the Corellian and Modified Corvete.

But enough ranting. Enjoy!

You can download this OPT by clicking the picture or check out the Profile page for more info and screenshots.

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2008-08-31: New Release: Spearhead Frigate


Spearhead Frigate - Download now!

OK, I've been teasing ye lot for a while now and I know people were especially looking forward to this one, so here it is in all its glory.

The Spearhead is a relatively small capital ship who's single purpose is the hunt and destruction of large capital ships. Basically it's one flying fusion cannon, the devastating weapon that made its debut on the SBCR Warrior and now went into line production.

You can download this OPT by clicking the picture or learn more on the Profile page.

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2008-06-16: Re-Release: Victory Mk2 v2.3!

Finally done, the long-awaited overhaul is here.

Victory Mk2 v2.3 - Download now!

Took me long einough, but here it finally is. This new version of the Victory Mk2 features a complete hull texture overhaul along with a whole bunch of other tweaks and fixes.

Kudos to Mako, the winner of the first tbpp texturing contest who provided the royal Briceran design for the yellow flightgroup colors.

You can download this OPT by clicking the picture!

You can discuss this re-release HERE

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2007-08-09: Predator-class Star Destroyer!

Predator-class Star Destroyer - Download now!

And here goes another. Another model based on an ANCIENT comic drawing I made sometime last century.

The Predator was the ESS' first line-produced star destroyer to create the backbone of royal fleet. With a length of over two kilometers the Predator clearly surpasses its imperial cousin, the Imperator I and II-class in both size and sheer power.

Click the picture above to download the model or check here for more info and some fine screenshots!

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2007-06-27: Barracuda Update v2.1!

Finally I got around to do that one, too!

Black Scorpion v1.2 - Click to Download!
(link updated to new version)

Since earlier this year I had updated the Black Scorpion adding a pilot mesh, I allways wanted to do the same with the Barracuda. Finally I've taken some minutes and updated the exterior, placing Vince Trageton in the pilot's seat.

Click the picture for direct download or check out the profile for more info and some new screenshots!

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2007-04-07: Valiant-Class Cruiser released!

Happy Easter everyone!

Valiant-Class Cruiser - Download now!

And here goes another! Originally designed by Kyle_K_ski. Bridging the design gap between the Acclamator and the Venator, the massive Valiant translates its focus from a mere troop ship or carrier to the actual role of an offensive combat vessel Slightly larger than the Venator its firepower clearly excedes that of the Attack Cruiser.

Se the Profile for some more info and screenshots!

Comments? Problems? Questions? Raise your voice!

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2007-04-01: Battle over Coruscant Shipset released!!

It is done!

The Battle over Coruscant - Download now!

Almost two years of development, stagnation, testing and what not... Finally here it is! The ROTS Shipset: Battle over Coruscant is finally available for download. One of the most dramatic battles in Star Wars history is now yours to live through again. Fly your Actis Interceptor through a complete mayhem and try to rescue the Chancellor!

Big Kudos to Darksaber who made the awesome looking new installer, which you can download by clicking the pic above.

Also included in this shipset, is the brand-new Carrack Cruiser by General Ramos, (OPTed by DTM, Berruga and Darksaber).

Want more info? Check out the ROTS Shipset Section!

Comments? Problems? Questions? Raise your voice!

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2007-01-01: Happy new Year!

Here we go! Another year gone, VXHQ goes into the 4th round and still kicking ;). So I wish all you folks a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your dreams and plans become reality

And, like I promised, here's my New Year's present!

Diamond Station - Click to Download!

The Diamond Station is now available for download. Only few other models have undergone such radical changes in their design phase as this one - the very first version looked pretty similar to a Death Star....

Diamond Stations were built as massive defense stations in orbit over planet Bricera during the Family war between the Vaylon and Khisar Clan. With a diameter of almost 10 km this powerful battle station can stand well against a whole enemy fleet, while its barely countable laser turrets make it more than a match for any attacker.

You can find more info and some screenshots on the station's info page or just click the picture to download the OPT.

You can discuss this release in the TBP Forum!

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2006-12-14: Early Christmas Present!

It's this time of the year again!

Dominance Battlecruiser - Click to DOWNLOAD!

Well, it's not exactly christmas yet, but what's done is done. Just sue me! :P

The Dominance, like the Warhammer, is one of the oldest models I have made so far (although massively upgraded through the years), which makes me very pleased to have completed this one after all the time.

The huge Dominance-Class Battlecruiser, like the Warhammer, is the product of collaboration between the Corellian Empire and the ESS. Designed and constructed shortly after the foundation of the ESS it takes design elements of classical imperial ships like the old Vengeance- and Venator-class combined with high-end ESS weapons and shield technology. These elements make it the ultimate next generation warship combining the roles of command ship, carrier and destroyer.

For more information and some nice screenshots, check here. Or just click the picture above to download the OPT.

You can discuss this release HERE

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2006-10-09: New Release: Warhammer-Class Heavy Cruiser!

Finally done: A ship that is older than this site itself!

Warhammer Heavy Cruiser - Click to DOWNLOAD!

This is one of the very first original designs I ever made. Evolved from a rather simple comic sketch this coloss has finally turned into a fully fledged OPT - yay me! :D

The Warhammer-Class Heavy Cruiser introduces a new generation of heavy warships that make the link between normal and super-heavy battleships almost six kilometers in length the Warhammer is superior to any common destroyers and cruisers, while state-of-the-art propulsion systems enable it to easily outmaneuver super-class ships.

Click the picture to download the Warhammer or find some more info and pictures in the profile.

You can discuss this release HERE

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2006-09-23: New Release: Dhilani Stingraay!

Well, this is sort of the last one....

Dhilani Stingray - Click to DOWNLOAD!

As of now this is the last core model to be done for the Blue Phantom Project. There are some more models in consideration but they haven't reached a final approval stage yet. So for the moment, this is the last one, bringing the project range to a nice 49 OPTs.

The lightly armed Stingray is a small personnel transport that is mainly used by Dhilani high honorables and statesmen. Although it is capable of long-distance travel, it's yet mostly used for short-range journeys, as Dhilani officials prefer the safety of heavily armed battleships for longer journeys.

You can download the Stingray by clicking the picture or find some stats and more pictures of it in the profile.

You can discuss this release HERE

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2006-09-03: New Release: Inferno II!

Been long enough!!

Inferno II - Click to DOWNLOAD!

While this ship is not (yet) official part of the Blue Phantom Project, but still it has become part of the TBPP universe through multiple battle threads over at the XWA Upgrade boards. An old sketch, which I had originally drawn for a Dhilani troop transport, would step up as the design for this heavy battle cruiser.

You can find said sketch along with more info and screenshots right here, or just download the OPT by clicking the picture.

You can discuss this release HERE

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2006-07-09: New Release: UPMF-style Hangar!

Alright, this one's for my granny who turned 74 today!!

UPMF-style Hangar - Click to DOWNLOAD!

One more OPT done for the Blue Phantom Project. The UPMF-style hangar will replace the default or upgrdaed Calamari Hangar and add a bit more of a TBPP feeling to the game. Enjoy!

Just click the picture to download it or check out the profile for some screenshots!

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2006-07-05: New Release: XT-300 Piranha v2!

Whee, that was a quick one!

XT-300 Piranha v2 - Click to DOWNLOAD!

OK, after upgrading the BRX series ships, I went on in my cockpit-flash and reworked another flyable craft: The fast and furious Piranha. Like the recent releases it now also has a proper cockpit and Exterior model.

Click the picture to download it or go to the profile to get some more info and screenshots!

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2006-06-07: New Release: Dhilani Leviathan!

This day will be long remembered! Well .. at least I hope ;)

Dhilani Mammoth - Click to DOWNLOAD!

Finally, after months of waiting here's a new release for your Dhilani collection. Not only that, it is as well the last of the capital ships that needed to be completed. Only a handful other objects remain to be done to finish the modelling part for the Blue Phantom Project!.

The Dhilani Leviathan is the pride and the heart of the Dhilani space armada. 5.7 kilometers in length it is supreme to any other vessel of its time.

You can download the Leviathan by clicking the picture above or first have a look at the profile for more info and visual stimulants!

Like it? Drop me a line!

Geeze, been a while since my last news. Let's see if I get it all together....

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2006-03-21: New Release: Dhilani Mammoth!

Scratch one more Dhilani Cruiser!

Dhilani Mammoth - Click to DOWNLOAD!

The Dhilani Mammoth is now finished and available for download! This ship has been derived from teh Dhilani Warbird and acts as carrier and tactical communications platform for the Dhilani's dreadded fighter swarms.

You can get this ship by clicking the picture above. Also have a look at the profile for some more information and pictures!

Like it? Tell me!

That's it for now. Go out there and have fun! ;)

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2006-03-20: New Release: Dhilani Warbird!

No seriously, that was faster than I thought myself - I had planned at least one or two months for this one! :o!!

Dhilani Warbird  - Click to DOWNLOAD!

Finally, the first real Dhilani Capital ship is completed and ready for download!

The Dhilani Warbird is the primary killing machine within the Dhilani armada, a warship designed for a single purpose: destruction.

You can download this OPT by clicking on the picture above, or check out the profile for some nice piccies and info!

And if you like it, feel free to drop a line in the TBP Forum!

That's it for now. Go out there and have fun! ;)

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2006-03-18: New Release: Dhilani Trident!


Dhilani Trident - Click to DOWNLOAD!

Finally, the first real Dhilani Capital ship is completed and ready for download!

The Dhilani Trident acts as both troop carrier and battleship and is one of the most common ships encountered in Dhilani Invasion fleets.

Click the Picture to download it directly, or get some more inspirations and info from the profile!

And don't forget to leave a comment !

That's all this time, I think. Luckily XWAUP has some new stuff coming up soon. ;)

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2006-03-07: New Release: Recusant-Class Destroyer!

You have been waiting long enough!

Recusant-Class Destroyer - Click to DOWNLOAD!

Another one of these thins I had lying around almost-complete. The Commerce Guild Support Ship is the final Capship Relese for my upcoming ROTS - Battle over Coruscant-Shipset. This model has been kindly donated by EvilelJedi from the Warlords Mod for Homeworld 2 and was converted to XWA by Berruga. I've made some minor tweaks and added a few textures. Alright, enough ranting download it now by clicking the picture or get some more downloading motivation checking out these pics! :)

Like it? Leave a comment here!

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2006-01-01: Happy new Year!

I hope you guys had a great time celebrating the last hours of 2005 and got a nice slide into the new year! So here we go into another one, filled with whatever life and VXHQ have to offer :D.

On the byway, remember, for the latest news about the Blue Phantom Project, visit the TBP Forum!

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2005-12-22: Blue Phantom Project Forum Opens!!!

It's taken a long time, I was hesitating, but since the project's reaching a stage where a completion is in sight, I think it's only just that I set up a forum all for it.

Well, in fact it's not least Mateus Borges's credit, who went live with his ADP Forum just recently, that I finally decided to set one up , man I'm such a copyist :D!

But after all, this might not be the worst idea, so I can put my thoughts and ideas down and receive feedback on them withouth having to update my site everytime or filling the XWAU Boards with tons of 'unrelated' stuff.

So, Welcome to the Blue Phantom Project Forum!

This will be the place for everything around my little XWA Project, its status, development and the things in life that do or do not matter.

Of course, I won't abandon the XWAU and other boards. New releases and critical updates will be posted there like before. The new forum is just for the things going past normal mod announcements.

So join in, have a drink and have a good time! The bar is in the east wing ;)

Along with this, I wish all of you

Merry Christmas and a HAPPY New Year 2006!

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2005-12-20: VXHQ Christmas Madness Continues!!

Here we go again! This one's a release by popular demand:

Republic Style Victory-class Star Destroyer - Click to download!

Here it is, the Republic style Victory I-class Star Destroyer, a modification of my standard VSD featuring the typical red markings of the Republic fleet. Furthermore it comes with four different flightgroup colors, which change/remove the respective fleet logo.

Click the picture to download the RVSD or take a glance at the profile for more info and screenshots!

Dhilani Planetary Invasion Lander available!

Out of the blue comes a new and never before known or mentioned ship, the heavily armed Dhilani Planetary Invasion Lander

Dhilani Invasion Lander - Click to download!

Carried in groups of three by the mighty Dhilani Trident Battleships, these Landing juggernauts are the workhorses of the Dhilani Invasion Forces. Combining the functionalities of ground bombardment and troop transport they are flying fortresses designed to conquer rebellious worlds.

The bottom side of the Invasion Lander is covered by a multitude of heavy energy Turrets that create a carpet of fire and ashes beneath the massive ship, making sure no resistance is in the deployment area.

Like always you can download this model by clicking the picture or have a closer look at it here

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2005-12-14: Finally: Cophuran v2!

Finally! XWA goes sub-marine!

Cophuran v2  - Click to download!

I had this lying around for ages with only a last tidbit left to be done. It is now ;). Finally the second version of my Cophuran surface is done and available for download. So what's new?

  • All new underwater environment
  • Skybox, a today's standard for planetary surfaces
  • Engine glows create a bit of realism making the underwater environment less clear :)
  • some more cool stuff

Click the pictue above to download this surface or have a look here to learn more about this and other planets!

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2005-12-01: New Release (Drum roll)!

Two actually...

Victory II-Class Star Destroyer - Click to download! Victory -Class Star Destroyer Version 1.2 - Click to download!

The circle is now complete. Finally the XWA Upgrade Victory II-class Star Destroyer is completed. The VSD2 brings along all the resemblances of the VSD1, while introducing new features, like no more wings, a new engine layout as well as a greater firepower delivered by the newly added 2x4 twin batteries near the rear.

Along with this release I took the time and beefed up the VSD1 as well so there is no difference in quality between the two. Click the pictures above to download these badass beauties or look at their profiles for more info and screenshots!

On a sidenote, I've moved the EP3-related ships to a new page in the download section. They can now be found here

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2005-11-17: New Release: Dhilani Octopus!

Like I said, back to doing (and releasing) TBP stuff :)

Dhilani Octopus  - Click to download!

What looks like some flying zombi-squid is in fact the Dhilani understanding of a Gunboat. It could be best described as a flying energy gattling gun than anything else. The rear half of the main body is basically one big engine propelling the Octopus to enormous speeds to allow fast and furious attack runs towards large targets. In fact this is necessary, because due to its poor maneuverability the fighter is not suitable for dogfighting.

Click the pictue above to download this bloody blaster or have a look at the ship profile for more info and screenshots!

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2005-11-15: Another one!

Right, where was I....

Banking Clan Communications Frigate - Click to download!

Here we go again. This is, for now the last OPT I've made for the ROTS shipset, now to finish up the mission and FrontEnd and get back to the Blue PhantomProject. The mighty Munificent-Class Star Frigate was originally built to carry the Banking Clan's Communications transceivers and thus spread their private communications network - independant from the galactic holonet. When the clone wars erupted, these ships were dedicated to the CIS fleet and the network used for military communications and propaganda.

Click the pictue above to download the frigate or check out the profile for more info and screenshots!

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2005-11-10: And it goes on...!

No time to breath.

Trade Federation Cruiser - Click to download!

Another one done. This time it's the dreadded Trade Federation Cruiser, General Grievous' flagship Invisible Hand. Feared among the unprotected planets of the Outer Rim this mighty warship has everything that gives it the title 'flagship'.

This OPT comes complete with lightsaber duel on the observation platform and destroyable hangar shields. Click the Pictue to download it or check out the profile for more info and screenshots!

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2005-11-09: ROTS Season commences!!

It has begun! Revenge of the Sith is available on DVD and VXHQ is all on it again.

OPT removed. Updated version released by DTM at MTD Industries

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2005-09-01: New Release: Phoenix-Class Cruiser!

Whee, here we go again!

Click Here to download!

Finally the last of the UPMF capital ships is completed and ready for Download!!

Click the picture to download this hot bird or take a peek at the ship's profile to find some more pics!

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2005-08-21: New Release: Episode III: Venator-Class Star Destroyer!!


Click Here to download!

Yay me! Finally I've got it done! the Venator-Class Star Destroyer, also known as the Republic Assault Cruiser from Episode III is now filally complete and ready for Download!!

Click the picture to download this sweet baby or have a closer look at thethe details with some more pics to enjoy!

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2005-08-01: Boom! There goes another!!

And here it is!

Click Here to download!

One of my personal favorites in this project has finally been completed and is now available for Download

Click the picture to download this ship or check out the ship profile right away!

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2005-07-20: Big big big BIG Release!!

It is done!

Click Here to download!

The Supreme Battlecruiser, also known as the Warrior, known and dreaded as Vince Trageton's mighty flagship, has now made it through final testing and is now available for DOWNLOAD. 5km from bow to stern it is the biggest starship I've done so far with its number of weapon hardpoints already scraping the upper limits! Yay me!

Click the pictre to download it or check out the Detail site for more info and some nice screens!

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2005-06-21: New Release - Chedalon Surface v2!

Click Here to download!

Finally something new! Well sort of. this upgrade to the Chedalon Surface has been waiting for the final bits until release for quite a long time. Well, the wait is over!

Click the pictre to go to download it or check out the Details!

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2005-04-23: New Release - XWAU Space Colony 3

Click Here!

Alright, you've waited long enough! Here it is, the XWAU Space Colony 3. Bigger. Better. Bolder? Whatever, Download it, fly in and find the secret garage!

Click the pictre to go to the Download page or get it from the XWAU Homepage

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2005-04-08: New Release - Dhilani Sentinel!

And here goes another!!

Dhilani Sentinel

The little space critter is now available for Download!

The inofficial successor of the Dhilani Nemesis is a slim and fragile looking craft. However its enormous speed and agility along with its small shape make it a very advanced space superiority fighter.

Those who have followed the development process, know, that this OPT comes in three different versoins, all packed into one ZIP/XMOD file. so you can choose whatever you favor! Click the picture to go to the Download Page or check HERE for more info and screenshots!

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2005-02-25: New Release - XT-300 Piranha

You asked for it!

Click to download!

Time to release something more clean and up to date =)

The Piranha is the latest and most advanced stock fighter from ShiCon Dynamics' XT-Series. With a vastly reduced overall size, upgraded engines and greatly improved overall performance, this fighter represents the state of the art in UPMF starfighter technology.

You can download this baby by clicking on the Picture or get more information and screens in the Ship Profile!

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2005-02-25: New Release - XT-100 Viper

And here we go again!

Click to download!

By far the 'oldest' ship I've released so far the Viper is the precursor of the Victory Fighter and built about 20-30 years the latter.

Although lacking a cockpit it however comes with some nice flightgroup colors for variety's sake =)

Click the Picture to download this OPT! Or for more information and some screens go to the Ship Profile!

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2005-02-06: New Release - Liberator Corvette

Yay! Finally something new!

Click to download!

This rather old light Starship from the days before the United Planets was constructed for convoy escorting purposes, yet due to its rather large cargo capicty and good protection soon was used as an armored cargo vessel itself.

Click the Picture to download this OPT! Or go to the Ship Profile to learn more!

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2005-01-10: Release - Death Star Hangar &Imperial Hangar Upgrade!

Ths series of new releases doesn't end. Today I present you the Death Star II Hangar - the one Emperor Palpatine arrived in Return of the Jedi as well as an Upgrade to the existing Imperial (Star Destroyer) Hangar.

Imperial Hangar

Both now feature the Imperial Hangar extras by Darksaber, all packed together into installers. Click on the picture to go to the Downlaod Page!

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2004-12-24: Merry Christmas Everyone!

Once again, it's this time of the year! And just like last christmas, I have a special christmas present for you!

Here it is, the Victory-Class Star Destroyer for the XWA Upgrade Project.

Victory-Class Star Destroyer click to download!

Click the picture to download it!

With this, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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2004-10-09: New Release: Dhilani Fighters Double Pack!

And here we go again! Another double pack, the Dhilani Nemesis Swarm Fighter and the Dhilani Vampire Elite Fighter are now available for DOWNLOAD!

Click here to download!

On a sidenote: The installer will ask you to choose the slot for the Dhilani Nemesis, as the 'final' slot(for the final project release) is a different one than the current one(40) used for this release. Note that by installing the Nemesis into the final slot you will overwrite any craft installed in slot 34(TIE Phantom, Victory Mk2, etc.). OK, enough warnings

Click HERE! for more Infos! Or click the picture above to grab the file!

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2004-10-04: New Release: Patriot Frigate Double Pack!

Finally another Release! The Patriot Frigate and the Modified Patriot Frigate - two ships in one pack - are now available for DOWNLOAD!

Click here for details!

NOTE: You'll be best advised to install this mod onto a fresh install, as there might be some conflicts occuring with Darksaber's UCP installed.

Click HERE! for more Infos!

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2004-08-04: News Concerning file hostings

Ashgard Campaign mirror moved!

Alright, as my colleague's server's back up, I have moved the Ashgard Campaign files over to reduce the traffic going through this domain.

These are the new mirrors:

For further informaion on how to install and use these files, please go to Abolisher's Mission Command Outpost!

Other News: XW95 and TIE95 Compatibility Fix by Cwagle the Jedi

A great utility, recently released by Cwagle the Jedi allows players to run classic X-Wing and TIE Fighter 95 under Windows 2k/XP, providing the necessary compatibility settings. Now even 3D Hardware Acceleration is supported! Great Job, Cwagle the Jedi!

The Patch is gently hosted LucasFiles

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2004-06-19: New Release: Planet Hedrec!

Hot'n sticky! The exotic planet Hedrec is completely covered by an ocean of lava. Furious fountains rise many hundered meters into the air and give the planet a rather sun-like look. However, closer looks will uncover small mounts on the surface - access tunnels built by hand, leading into the planet's inside - a huge dome of rock.

Click to enter Profile!

Click here to dive in!

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2004-05-08: New Release: XWAU Space Colony 2!

Yes, it's finally done! The X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project and I proudly present the Spae Colony 2!.

Click to Enlarge!

You can find it HERE! or at the XWAUP Homepage.

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2004-05-06: New Release: Victory Mk3!

Finally it's done! The Victory Mk3 Custom Prototype is complete and now available for DOWNLOAD!

Click here for details!

You can get it HERE!

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2004-04-20: New Release: Bricera Surface redone!

I've begun redoing all my planetary surfaces to add a more realistic experience. The first release from this series is the Bricera Surface, with updated textures smoother hills and a nice panoramic background.

Click to enter Profile!

You can find it HERE!

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2004-01-28: New Release: Raptor Frigate!

Now, now! The Blue Phantom Project is slowly taking shape! This is the first Capital ship for download. The Raptor Frigate is amedium sized combat frigate that - Fast and agile but still heaviarmed - is capable of both escort and assault missions.

Click Here!

Many thanks go to Darksaber for the Installer!

Click the picture to Download!

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New Releases: TIE Vampire and TIE Vampire Mk2!

OK, Halloween's over, but that's no reason to stop the creeping :). The TIE Vampire and TIE Vampire Mk2 are a colaboration between Darksaber and myself.

The TIE Vampire is the first ship that was built in collaboration between Sienar Fleet Systems and the relatively young company ShiCon Dynamics. Fast, agile and well balanced it is an excellent multi-role fighter. Due to its high costs, it's only reserved for the best fighter squadrons and thus has gained the reputation of being an elite fighter.

The TIE Vampire MkII is an advanced version of the TIE Vampire which is fitted with a new prototype of stealth plating known by the codename "cold skin". Like a 'real' vampire that has neither measurable body temperature nor a reflection, this new technology hides the ship from both visual and biothermical scanners.

Click to Enlarge! Click to Enlarge!

you can download them either Here or on Darksaber's X-Wing Station

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New Release: Dhilon Surfaces Pack!

Dhilon: Hibrana Highlands & Hibrana Aftermathis now available for download. This pack features 2 planetary surfaces that resemble the Dhilani capital before and after the UPMF's massive and devastating strike against the planet Dhilon.

The first surface is a wide landscape with a few steep canyons and a huge pit, in which the dhilani capitol Dhalarona Prime lies. But this area is just the op of the iceberg. The major Dhilani population lives in a wide cave system beneath the surfaces, so go and dig 'em out! :)

The second surface doesn't feature any tunnels, caves, canyons or pits. All it comes up with is a 25 km big crater created by the SBC Warrior's fusion cannon.

Click to enter Profile!

Go for the pack Here!

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New Release: Dragonfly Heavy Fighter!

The UPMF's workhorse in heavy combat is now available for downoad! With moderate speed and heavy weaponry it's ideal for heavy assautl duties.

Click to enter Profile!

Check it out Here!

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