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2015-06-07 - ATR-6 Assault Transport released!

Guess who's back?

ATR-6 Assault Transport - Click to Download!

After all this time it's finally here! The XWA Upgrade Project proundly presents the ATR-6 Assault Transport - another one of those models that took me a decade to finish.

Once more kudos to Darksaber for making one of his famous installers!

Click the picture to download the Installer. Or check HERE for more images!

2014-02-02 - Titan-class Battleship! 

Wow, after more than two years finally a new release! I am back in business!

Titan Battleship - Click to Download!

The Champion is the crown jewel within the Cophuranee navy and arguably one of the most awe inspiring vessels of its time all across the UPA territory. Over a mile in length it doubles its smaller brother, the Inferno, in size and has enough hangar space to hold ships up to corvette size.

Click the picture to download the ZIP file. Or check HERE for some renders!

2014-01-22: Site Relaunch! 

Finally back to life! The site's received a thorough overhaul and re-imagining. Seing as I no longer work exclusively on XWA-related things it's time I showcase just what I've been doing lately. XWA still retains its own section, however new sections have been added to feature my other projects.

With the site relaunch I have removed some of my older OPT releases or those which were made just for fun. These include:

  • 'Pimped' ESS Vampire ("Pimpire")
  • Victory Mk2 "Moo Edition"
  • The Emperor's Death Star II Tower
  • Black Hole
  • Volcano Hangar
  • UPMF Hangar (Still available at the Blue Phantom Project)
  • Older versions of the BOC Shipset

If you want those and/didn't get a chance to download them before, let me know! I have also archived all the old news from 2003 to 2012. You can find them in the new News Archive. Note that I did some cleanup, removing obsolete news(old releases, broken links etc.) to make the whole thing a bit more slim

Latest News

2015-06-07 - ATR-6 Assault Transport
2014-02-02 - Titan-class Battleship!
2014-01-21 - Site Relaunch!