About me

That's me in Thailand

My name is Jens Schulze Osthoff. I'm a studied computer scientist nearing my mid thirties and living in a small town in southern Germany. I love writing, designing stuff, listening to smooth jazz or otherwise singing and playing piano.

I've been drawing and sketching ever since I couild hold a pencil and with the changing of the millennium I found my way into digital artistry and 3D modelling. Through the following years I became an active contributor to the X-Wing Alliance Modding Community, where my activities centered around the XWA Upgrade Project as well as an ambitious project of my own, based on a novel series I've been working on since my teenage years ... damn I'm that old!

Today, if I'm not performing music on stage or wasting time and money in Star Wars-themed MMORPGs, I still spend some time dwelling in my old hobbies, creating nice things every now and then.

About this site

What it was ...
Those who came hear in past years know I used this site mainly as a platform to showcase and host my custom models for X-Wing Alliance as well as to provide what news I picked up from the X-Wing Community.

What it is now ...
A lot of time has passed since my early XWA days and I have since expanded my activities to a more general way of modelling and designing, i.e. not necessary focused on a release for X-Wing Alliance. With the relaunch in January 2014 I intend to dedicate this site to the entirety of my creative activities, meaning modelling, 2D and 3D artwork, writing and webdesign.

What it will be...
As of now you'll find links to my modelling and my XWA-relatedwork. For the future I plan to introduce additional sections to include my writing and webdesign activities. Oh and I might actually go as far as to release a version in my native language, German, but we'll see about that, won't we? So stay tuned for what's to come!